Karen Belz
Updated Aug 16, 2017 @ 12:01 pm

We’re always ecstatic to see photos of new arrivals. New mom Lauren Conrad shared a new photo of baby Liam, but she added something else to her sweet Instagram post — a message that shines some light on what’s happening in our world today. Since it was the first time she’s used social media to share her own photos of her son, it’s so great that she used her spotlight to share an inspirational quote that’ll help bring us some hope.

Baby Liam was born on July 5th, and Conrad and husband William Tell welcomed him with open arms. In fact, Conrad was overjoyed after learning she was having a boy.

He looks absolutely adorable in this artistic shot, which was taken by photographer Elizabeth Messina.

Seeing Liam paired with Conrad’s chosen quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. is simply inspiring.

While Conrad didn’t openly state that the caption was political, the timing of it is definitely telling. The post occurred after the controversial press conference Trump held regarding the protest in Charlottesville. Other celebrities made sure to voice their displeasure on social media as well.

Not only was this the first Instagram photo of Liam, but it was the first time that Conrad used the social media site all together since announcing his birth in July.

We’re so happy that she decided to share such a sweet photo while also addressing such an important issue.