Kristen Wiig Subtly Revealed the Names of Her New Twins

It's the sweetest "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" moment ever.

Life has been pretty busy for Kristen Wiig lately, who confirmed last May she’d become a mom during an appearance on Saturday Night Live, with reports in June noting that she’d welcomed twins via surrogate with her then-fiancé, Avi Rothman. She then seemingly confirmed she not only married Rothman but is in fact a mama to twin babies, sharing their names in the sweetest, most special way.

Wiig is famously not on social media and understandably keeps her personal life under wraps, but she did share a bit about balancing life with two little ones at home in a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show. In the Wednesday, February 10th episode of the show, Wiig told Stern, “I am very lucky about having these two babies and my husband, and they make it all better. It’s changed my life.”

Of juggling her work duties and motherhood, she shared, “It’s really hard because I’m always convinced they’re going to forget who I am if I’m gone for a day. I have looked at my children, like, ‘I am your mother. I am your mother.’ I am nervous about actually leaving and going to work when that happens because there’s something really nice about being home with them all the time.”

She added, The time is coming and I’m going to do my best to balance, and they will come first.

Though she didn’t reveal her babies’ names in the interview, eagle-eyed fans noticed their names in the end credits of her movie Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, which was released on Friday, February 12th. In the “special thanks” section, Wiig included Rothman’s name on the list, as well as “Luna & Shiloh,” which appears to be the names of her twins. So sweet!

Here’s hoping Wiig and Rothman are enjoying their first months with their new additions. We’re sending all our love to them!

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