Karen Belz
December 11, 2017 12:28 pm

Well, she knew that Anna wasn’t their favorite character, but things escalated pretty quickly in the Bell/Shepard household. Kristen Bell’s daughters destroyed a Frozen Christmas ornament, and yes — it happened to be one of Anna, whom Bell voices.

Even though Frozen came out in 2013, love for the film is still high (aside from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, that is — but that wasn’t Olaf’s fault.) Actors are already hard at work on a sequel, set to hit theaters in 2019.  So, that means that Bell has probably been hanging out with her set sister, Idina Menzel. Menzel voices Elsa, otherwise known as the favorite between daughters Lincoln and Delta. How do we know she’s the favorite? Bell’s been pretty vocal about it. Plus, she also had to dress up like Elsa for Halloween this year to make her daughters happy. (And she did it, since aside from being Anna, she’s also a loving mom.)

“Of course I did,” Bell said in a deadpan voice when Entertainment Tonight asked if she took the costume request seriously. “I said, ‘Number one, you are a kid — you are supposed to have your finger on the pulse. You are two years too late. What’s hot, what’s new, you gotta fill me in.’ I just learned Instagram.” She also added that her daughter was very into matching her mom, as she also dressed as Elsa this year.

But, it’s safe to say that nobody thought that the Elsa favoritism would lead to Anna’s beheading. Yes, her daughters are still pretty young, but — from the looks of Bell’s Instagram post, the clean cut almost makes it look intentional.

Of course, Bell had a sense of humor about the whole ordeal.

No matter how it may look, it might not be personal. Bell revealed in yet another interview with Entertainment Tonight that Lincoln and Delta were pretty big on destroying decor, and gave a heads up to the other parents out there who’ll be celebrating with their young ones.

We have a feeling that Bell won’t have any sort of problem replacing the Disney ornament. But in the meantime, RIP Anna.