Karen Belz
Updated Sep 14, 2017 @ 3:47 pm

There’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than by sharing a throwback photo. Take January Jones, who shared a nude pregnancy photo in honor of her son’s 6th birthday. While it might be embarrassing to her son (because he’s a kid, and this is his mom) we can’t help but notice the ethereal beauty that radiates from this shot.

In the photo, the Mad Men star poses underwater, with her growing bump on full display.

Since Jones was a bit private during her pregnancy (especially since she kept making headlines for keeping her son’s father a secret) it’s rare to get such an intimate glimpse.

Xander Dane Jones was born back in 2011. While it’s a bit uncommon to catch a glimpse of him, Jones has been fine with sharing photos on Instagram for events like his birthday — like this one from last year.

Earlier this year, Jones revealed that she thinks her son is better off with having a single parent and noted that she had no regrets about how she handled the pregnancy back in the day.

She also admitted to the magazine that Xander had plenty of wonderful male role models around.

We think that Xander is growing up to be a pretty incredible kid (all thanks to January), and hope his fifth year is full of love and joy.