Over the weekend, Jana Kramer’s opened up about her miscarriage in a huge way. The former One Tree Hill star took to her Instagram page Saturday to share about the unfortunate event. And according to the multi-talent, while she was hesitant about sharing her story, she didn’t want to “suffer silently.”

A mom, actress and country singer, Jana Kramer is known for sharing her mommy-adventures on the web. With 1.4 million Instagram followers and counting, her transparency has seemingly helped to garner her supremely supportive audience. And talking about refusing to carry the weight of her miscarriage in silence has seriously got to be the most inspiring post of them all.

Many women can attest to the fact that opening up about their miscarriages helped them to heal. Though it’s a hard topic to talk about, it helps to know that you’re not alone. And you’re not the only person to ever go through that. Actress Gabrielle Union opened up about her struggles with infertility in her new book We’re Going to Need More Wine. Her candidness helped further the dialogue surrounding the shame that women may feel when the unfortunate happens. Union is also helping to foster a community where women can share about their struggles.

Jana Kramer opening up just may help to keep others from “suffering silently,” too.

What the singer had to say is so important.

Since sharing Saturday, Kramer’s post has gained close to 200,000 likes. It also has over 8,000 comments, filled with love and support from her friends and fans. Other women who have suffered losses have followed Kramer’s lead and shared their own stories.

Reading the comments will make you both cry, and feel your heart with warmth.

We can’t thank Kramer and the countless other women who have opened up about their struggles with infertility. Because we know that by doing so, many others will feel less alone.