"All kids have the right to just be kids."

Olivia Harvey
May 13, 2021 @ 12:03 pm
Isla Fisher
Credit: Rick Rycroft-Pool, Getty Images

In an exclusive interview with Marie Claire Australia, actress Isla Fisher got to talk about her "favourite topic"—motherhood. She said that she and her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, with whom she has three children, made the decision to keep their kids offline in order to preserve the idea of a "normal" childhood despite their parents being huge Hollywood A-listers.

"Motherhood is actually my favourite topic—but I keep it private," Fisher, who appears on the June cover of Marie Claire Australia, said on May 12th. "I think all parents are trying to protect their kids, especially in the social media age."

She continued, "I want our children to have a normal childhood—being able to play outside without pressure or scrutiny. All kids have the right to just be kids, and I would never sell a film or magazine by speaking about [mine]."

Fisher and Baron Cohen met in her native country Australia in 2002 and ended up engaged by 2004. Before they tied the knot, their first daughter Olive was born in 2007. After getting married in 2010, the couple welcomed their second daughter Elula in 2011 and then son Montgomery in 2015. And throughout their 20 years together, their private life has stayed incredibly private.

In 2017, Fisher told Today, "It feels like now it's an interesting news point that I don't want to talk about [private life]...Nowadays, we are used to everyone sharing everything that I've become an interesting news story for keeping a secret."

"If you speak about your children or if you take them to a red carpet event, you can't be litigious later on when there is a picture of them in something and say, 'hey, they deserve anonymity,' but they do," she continued. "They have rights, too. It's a very conscious decision and truly I would feel really disgusting about myself if I used my family to sell something. It wouldn't sit right with me. It doesn't line up with my values."

So, until the Cohen kids decide to get social media themselves, we won't be seeing them on our feeds any time soon. And that is totally understandable. Let the kids play outside in peace!