Cameron Diaz Just Dropped Some Bad News (for Us) About Her Acting Career

She's all about mom life right now, and we love that for her.

Even though Cameron Diaz will always hold a special place in our hearts as one of our all-time favorite rom-com queens, it seems we might have to cherish her illustrious filmography in all its glory, because she just opened up about how she’s “not looking” to make a movie again in the near future, and it’s all because of her new role as a mom to daughter Raddix.

Diaz has hinted at being retired from acting in recent years, with her last film credit being 2014’s Annie remake. Though we’ve still held out hope she might make a surprise appearance in a film or TV series, it seems she feels at peace leaving acting behind to focus on her family with husband Benji Madden.

“Will I ever make a movie again? I’m not looking to, but will I? I don’t know. I have no idea,” she told host Bruce Bozzi on the Friday, February 19th episode of SiriusXM’s Quarantined With Bruce. “Maybe, never say never, but I couldn’t imagine being a mom now where I’m at as a mother with my child at her first year to have to be on a movie set that takes 14 hours, 16 hours of my day away from my child.”

She opened up about motherhood, revealing that it really has been the most fulfilling part of [her] life so far, sharing that becoming a mom in her late 40s allowed her to pursue her career and gave her time to be with her family now—a privilege she doesn’t take for granted.

“I probably somehow waited for this so that I could do all that other stuff, so I didn’t have any distractions. You know what I mean?” she said, noting that she’s not necessarily closing the door on acting forever. “Look, I’m never gonna say never about anything in life. I just am not that person.”

She added, “I wouldn’t have been the mom that I am now had I chosen to [start a family] at any other time in my life. I feel for so many mothers who can’t, that have to go to work, you know, whatever they’re doing. I feel so much for them and for their children and for all of that, but it does really take a village.” 

Acknowledging the privilege she has to focus on her family first and foremost, the Avaline wine co-founder said, “I just feel so blessed that I get to be here now with my child and, you know, get to be the mother that I get to be. It’s such a blessing, it’s completely privileged, and I’m just really, really grateful.”

While we’d always be thrilled to welcome her back to acting if she ever changed her mind, we totally understand and feel grateful that she’s so open about her experiences and how she feels.

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