Once you’ve given birth, you often get asked if you want to experience pregnancy again. Amal Clooney recently discussed the topic of more kids with The Hollywood Reporter, since — well — she had two of them this year, so it’s kind of a hot question. Maybe even more so since the news of her pregnancy was a bit of a surprise the first time.

Clooney, who’s married to actor George Clooney, gave birth to twins Ella and Alexander just this June. The two already think that the twins have very distinct personalities, which is pretty cool.

So, is she willing to expand her quick family of four? Not so much.

Clooney also had nothing but praise for her husband’s abilities as a dad — something we wish we could see firsthand. For George, the experience has been a pretty interesting one.

While the concept of fatherhood likely seemed strange to George just a decade ago, when he was known as being an eternal bachelor, it’s good to know that he’s such a natural.

Even though we’d love it if George and Amal kept having kids, we understand that two is plenty — especially since both are just about graduating the “newborn” life stage.