Alyssa Morin
August 27, 2016 10:27 am

Whoever said a dog is a only man’s best friend was seriously confused because literally everyone loves the adorable pooches! And even though there’s technically a #NationalDogDay, it’s really just like any other day – an excuse to show our pups a little extra love and affection, whether they like it or not (Spoiler alert: The typically love it).

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People can’t stop sharing adorable Instagram pictures of our favorite furry pets, even if it’s a simple snap of them playing with their treats and toys. And we love seeing how adorable celebrities are with their furry friends. There’s even an entire Instagram page dedicated to Tom Hardy and dogs because people just can’t get enough of hot celebrities playing around with adorable puppies.

Hollywood stars are all about their furry friends and that’s why we couldn’t stop “hearting” every single Instagram post they shared in honor of the special recent #NationalDogDay celebration.

It wouldn’t be #NationalDogDay if Paris Hilton, the queen of dogs, didn’t post.

Ricky Gervais sneaks in mid–day smooches because being a pup is ruff.

Dave Annable knows all too well that his dog calls the shots.

Shhh. No one tell Ashley Tisdale’s little sidekick that she’s really a dog.

Deep down, Kerry Washington’s little pooch knows that she was technically the first baby.

Even though Shay Mitchell’s dog feels too grown up for kisses, we bet she secretly loves them.

Jamie–Lynn Sigler has the best and cutest little helper.

Coco and her dogs are ready for any camera that flashes their way.

Of course, Maria Menounos knows the best way to celebrate #NationalDogDay is to snuggle in bed.

Even though Bethenny Frankel couldn’t celebrate with her pup, her “baby” was there in spirit.

But seriously, could Gina Rodriguez and her furry pup be any cuter? That’s the best Snapchat filter ever!

Can it be #NationalDogDay all the time?