Karen Belz
December 11, 2017 11:03 am

Not only are they celebrating the holiday together, but they’re sharing the decor! Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams bought a Christmas tree together, and made sure to post about the special moment on Instagram.

While they’ve just been dating for a few months, things are pretty serious between the Modern Family actress and the reality star. The two got their tree on December 9th and decorated it while watching one of our ultimate favorite holiday filmsElf. It looks like they made sure the weekend was filled with nothing but holiday cheer.

The two met through social media, although Hyland made no secret over the fact that she was a fan of Adams — an 11th season contestant on The Bachelorette. Adams stayed true to the franchise, and also popped up on Bachelor in Paradise. The two connected after tweeting at each other, thus proving that anyone can find love through social media. After unveiling their Stranger Things-themed couples costumes for Halloween, the two went on to prove that while they’re pretty cute together on any standard day, they’re ultra-adorable around the holidays.

According to US Weekly, the couple decided to theme their tree this year — and it’s a theme we can all stand behind. Food. In a video, Adams was quick to tell fans to “Look at our fun tree!”

First, it started with picking the tree out.

Then, the decorating began. Adams shared these memorable moments through Instagram videos.

Wells Adams / Instagram
Wells Adams / Instagram

It was also a good chance to peek inside the home where the tree will be living — it seems they’ve got quite a cute set up!

Adams and Hyland have cemented their place as the couple we’ll be watching next year. They seem to have real chemistry, and a lot of things in common. Like, finding ways to make their holiday decor even more special.