Karen Belz
Updated Aug 07, 2017 @ 1:14 pm

With the news of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s split looming over us, it’s easy to assume that love is dead. Luckily, the sweet message Miley Cyrus posted to Liam Hemsworth on Instagram will help lift your spirits. And since these two got back together after a pretty public breakup, it’s an added reminder that we just don’t know what the future may bring.

Cyrus and Hemsworth have one very important thing in common: their dog, Dora. Dora is a rescue labradoodle that Hemsworth adopted (with a little help from Cyrus) back in 2015. It was around that time when they decided to rekindle their romance, so obviously Dora means a lot to both of them.

It looks like Hemsworth is away from home, since Cyrus used Dora to share how much she missed him.

With words like “Dora’s morning yawns are more like ROARS,” we get the feeling that their dog might participate in a few early morning cuddles with the couple.

It looks like Hemsworth misses Dora (and Cyrus) a bunch too, since he responded with a selfie he took of him and his furry companion.

Dora is also in the featured image on Hemsworth’s account, so surely the love he has for this pup is pretty strong.

As far as love goes, Cyrus opened up about why the couple had split a few years ago — and it seems like she’s actually a little thankful for the time apart.

We’re so glad they did. And not just because of the dog-filled Instagram posts, but because it seems like these two are truly supportive of each other.