Rachel Paige
January 02, 2018 12:37 pm

Want to feel as cool and in-the-known as John Krasinski for a second? Okay, so he, and I, and you, and everyone else were all let in on the same secret at the same time: Before starring in the movie adaptation of the musical, Into the Woods, John Krasinski had no idea that his wife of seven years, Emily Blunt, could sing. Same! So he, and I, and you, and everyone learned all at once that Blunt can belt it out, and chances are, upon learning this, you did not cry. But Krasinski did!

Apparently, Blunt and Krasinski, who are a very private couple, even manage to keep things from one another. Like, say, the fact that one of them can sing. In a new cover story in Vanity Fair about the soon-to-be Mary Poppins, Krasinski explains that when his wife first told him that she was going to be in a musical, he was worried. He was even frightened for her. But all it took was one trip to the recording studio to have all his fears dispelled.

That’s sweet, and precious, and is one of the reasons Krasinski + Blunt remain a favorite Hollywood couple — but Krasinski was still hesitant about his wife singing on-screen. He went to recording session for the film where he confessed to director Rob Marshall that he had “never heard her sing.”

Now we’re just waiting on Emily to tell us what happened the first time she heard Krasinski sing. Maybe she also cried…but possibly not in a good way?