They truly are the best.
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
Credit: Kevin Mazur/MG19, Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Sarcasm royalty Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively may have some competition in the "funny couple" department. In a hilariously cute birthday post for Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas wished his wife a happy birthday with a lot of love and a dash of witty humor. The celebration post, which was shared to Instagram on Sunday, February 21st, depicts two photos—or "moods" as Jonas likes to call them—of Turner, one a fabulous glamour shot and the other, a silly photo of her chilling at home fresh-faced. To be honest, we feel that on every level.

Jonas' caption went a little something like this: "Happy Birthday babe. You have two moods and I love them both equally [purple heart emoji] love you."

While the couple aren't afraid to joke about celebrity drama or entertainment (remember the iconic "I'm gonna get wasted" video?!), they don't typically poke fun at each other. But, we kind of love it, in a good way that is. And if anyone is going to join Reynolds and Lively in the we-love-to-hate-each-other celebrity couple squad, we couldn't think of a better duo to do so.

Turner has always made her sarcastic and funny nature known—like when she asked the general public to please just put on a damn face mask amid this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic so we can all get back to normal life. So we're happy to see that she and Jonas can appreciate each other's humor, flaws, beauty, and everything in between.  

Happy birthday, Sophie!