Madison Vanderberg
Updated Sep 07, 2017 @ 2:25 pm

If ever you want to know what ~the kids~ are up to, look to Jaden Smith. He’s cool, he’s weird, he bucks gendered fashion norms.

Last night, he and his girlfriend made their red carpet debut and literally if you Urban Dictionary’d “Gen Z” — it would probably just refer you to these photos.

Jaden is dating Odessa Adlon. She’s actress Pamela Adlon’s daughter. Still not ringing any bells? Pamela stars in her own FX series Better Things and is also known for essentially playing herself on Louie.

Sorry, where were we? Oh right, Jaden is dating her daughter Odessa!

Credit: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Is Jaden wearing a red cross-body bag? Bless him. Jaden looks sharp in his navy suit and brings a pop of color with that bag strap. Odessa paired a black leather jumpsuit with a fishnet top for a cool intersection of textures. The two make a cute couple.

Jaden and Odessa were first spotted together in April, but this marks their first red carpet appearance at the Season 2 premiere of Odessa’s mom’s show Better Things.

It’s unsure how old Odessa is and her social media accounts are completely blank, however, we’re here for her Instagram bio which reads, “sorry if im not who u want me to be…TF nah im not sorry suck it up. im my own person. idk if im too strange/different/weird/confusing… move along.”

Credit: Odessa Adlon Instagram

Does that bio not remind you of your own youth or nah?

Long live cool Gen Z teens.