Time really flies. And to prove this point, Ellen DeGeneres posted a throwback photo to celebrate her ninth anniversary with wife Portia de Rossi. You read that right — they’ve been happily married for close to a decade.

The two got hitched on August 16th, 2008. According to People, the wedding was a quiet event that happened in their shared Los Angeles home. The couple decided to make it official after California’s Supreme Court decided that banning same-sex weddings would be unconstitutional (a moment in history we’re still cheering about so many years later.) The two were together for about four years before exchanging rings, meaning that they’ve been linked for — well — quite some time.

The two look so phenomenal and extremely happy in this throwback.

But even more beautiful than their attire? The words that DeGeneres decided to share about her lovely wife.

She wasn’t the only one to celebrate — de Rossi also posted a funny throwback that makes us think a little bit about how much technology has changed since they’ve been together.

Yes, it’s blurry — but it’s still pretty sweet.

Their wedding was so epic that even their vendors (well, techically) were celebrating the anniversary. Singer Joshua Radin was asked to perform at their wedding back in 2008, and according to him, it remains to be one of his favorite moments.

It’s a shame we weren’t invited. But hey — we’ll take being able to feel like we were there by hearing what DeGeneres, de Rossi, and Radin are saying about it. Cheers to many more happy years ahead!