Angelica Florio
September 09, 2017 12:24 pm
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It turns out that Charlie Hunnam isn’t just a incredible actor. He’s also a relationship expert. That’s because Hunnam has been dating his girlfriend, Morgana McNelis, for over a decade, so he knows a thing or two about keeping the romance alive. And according to Hunnam, it’s all about continuing to surprise his girlfriend, even after 11 years.

Hunnam has already succeeded in surprising the public in many ways. First, his story about getting married in Vegas when he was 18 was surprisingly sweet. And another time, he made a bold statement about the need for masculinity to allow for vulnerability, which made us all cheer.

Hunnam offered a glimpse into the kind of things he does for his leading lady in an interview with People at the Toronto International Film Festival.

And it’s actually way less glamorous than you might imagine.

And that’s not all.

Us right now:

That is the most romantic thing we’ve ever heard. Hunnam also told People that doing the grocery shopping and laundry were “[things] that we just share and both do all the time.” Yes! We love that 50/50 split of domestic duties.

Hunnam has also publicly spoken about how much he loves to cook, especially for McNelis, and that he even wants to become an social media cooking show host… With his cat. Uhh, we would like to see that, too.

Hunnam is known for playing super  “macho” characters like Jax Teller, outlaw motorcyclist, in Sons of Anarchy. And recently, he starred as King Arthur in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. It’s really refreshing to hear a man who is so “manly” talking about doing housework.

Of course, for Hunnam, it’s all in the name of romance. Yep, he’s a romantic, too.

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It’s true that relationships take a great deal of work. But it seems like Charlie Hunnam is willing to put the effort in for McNelis. It’s truly a modern fairytale.