P. Claire Dodson
August 12, 2017 7:56 am
Leon Bennett / Getty

Modern Family star Ariel Winter seems to go through more than the average amount of celebrity stress. She fends off body-shaming trolls on the regular and deals with comments about her breast reduction surgery, all while being an outspoken advocate for body positivity. When it feels like you’re being criticized by the public sphere for what you wear and the decisions you make, we can imagine that starts to weigh on you kind of heavily.

All that to say, we can definitely be happy that Winter has some great things going on in her life! Right now, that seems to include her relationship with actor Levi Meaden. The two started living together earlier this year, and this past week, Winter and Meaden celebrated their nine month anniversary. Their celebration included some pretty darn cute Instagram posts.

Winter posted a picture with Meaden where they’re hanging with a very fun giraffe named Stanley.

Meaden posted his own tribute to their 9-month relationship.

Winter has spoken often about the relationship and the 10-year age gap between the two. She gave this sweet quote to Maxim back in April.

Winter deserves all good things, in our humble opinion, and haters should probably back the hell off. We’re rooting for this couple!