Thea Glassman
August 15, 2017 1:31 pm

Our belief in love pretty much shattered recently when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, aka one of our favorite Hollywood couples, announced their decision to separate after eight years together.

Faris has officially spoken out for the first time since the news broke — and we just want to give both her and Pratt a big hug right now.

We’re so, so happy that she’s felt all the support being sent her way!

We’ve yet to hear from Pratt, but he did make his first public appearance since the split was announced. And based on the breakup announcements from both himself and Faris, it seems like the pair will continue to love and support one another.

Faris has been very open about discussing the challenges of marriage in the past — and in an interview with People weeks before the split was announced, she touched on the difficulty of being in a Hollywood relationship.

We completely get that. It’s hard enough making a relationship work, let alone in the public eye.

You’ll get to hear a lot more of Faris’s take on relationships in her upcoming book, Unqualified, which will explore all things love and loss. It was penned before the two separated and, in what will prove to be a very bittersweet read, includes a foreword written by Pratt.

We can’t wait for her book to come out on October 24th, and until then, sending so much love to the two.