Olivia Harvey
August 09, 2017 8:34 am

It almost seems like things for Amber Heard and Elon Musk had just begun. But earlier this week, Musk confirmed that he and Heard ended their relationship. In a heartfelt, bittersweet Instagram post, Heard released a statement about her split with Musk. She wishes to maintain her privacy but let fans know that,

We hear you, girl. And we’re glad to know that there are no hard feelings between the pair.

The two began dating in the early spring and became “Instagram official” when Heard posted a photo of herself and Musk wining and dining.

Musk, the famous tech billionaire, posted another picture from the same night on his own Instagram, sealing the relationship deal.

On Monday, Heard posted a side-by-side comparison of she and Disney Princess, Ariel, both combing their red hair with forks. Musk left two comments, the second letting fans know that their relationship had ended.

This seems to indicate that perhaps Heard and Musk have left things open-ended in terms of whether or not they’ll someday give it another try. But that’s only in the realm of speculation.

In the meantime, we’ll respect their decision to split and give them the privacy they need.