If you were to think about the scariest vision when you were a child, chance are pictures of clowns floated through your head. Clowns are terrifying and never painted in a good light in the media and the news stories of people haunting their town in clown costumes recently sure doesn’t help that view.

But, as terrifying and haunting as clowns are, they can also be really beautiful. There is something about the unusual, slightly insane and off-the-wall look that the red-nosed clowns can have that when you look beyond the fear, is quite interesting.

That’s why we’re obsessed with these photos of celebrities as clowns because it’s equal parts terrifying and somewhat beautiful.

Photoshop user who goes by the name Worth1000 digitally altered our favorite celebrities into haunting and scary clowns and they’re so good we’re legit scared.

Keira Knightly

Morgan Freeman

Johnny Depp

Russell Brand

Clint Eastwood

Jessica Alba

Gwen Stefani

Angelina Jolie

Jessica Biel

These are so perfect for Halloween and we’re successfully terrified and mesmerized. Well done!