Marie Lodi
June 07, 2016 5:49 pm
Warner Brothers/Getty Images

If Prince Nelson Rogers didn’t leave this earthly plane less than two months ago, today would have been his 58th birthday. Even though he once said he wasn’t too big on birthdays and stopped counting time, I’d like to think he would have gathered family and friends at his Paisley Park estate on this special day and played some tunes.

Since The Purple One is no longer with us, his life should be celebrated constantly — especially on the day he was born. If you’re a Prince fan and want to pay tribute to this beautiful Gemini alien today, here are 15 ideas for what you should do.

1. Give yourself a Prince-themed manicure

2. Go to a screening of Purple Rain

3. Or just watch it at home

4. Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka

6. Do some crafting

5. Wear purple lipstick

7. Get a Prince-themed tattoo

8. Exercise in purple workout clothes

9. Make yourself some pancakes

10. Get some flowers

11. Toast with a Purple Rain-themed cocktail

12. Give yourself some alone time with The Purple One

13. Have a dance party at home

14. Bake a cake

15. Let your cat celebrate with you. He loves Prince, too.