Brittany Malooly
Updated Feb 22, 2017 @ 3:56 pm

Last night, Academy Award winning actress Cate Blanchett decided to do drag. Cool, right? But, wait, there’s a plot twist: Cate Blanchett decided to do drag as Cate Blanchett. Lol wait, what? Stay with us — we promise she’s not a raging narcissist. The Hollywood star hit the stage at a fundraiser for the Newtown Action Alliance (which advocates for safer gun laws in honor of the Sandy Hook massacre victims and their families) and lip-synced a song to raise awareness for their cause. Not only do we love that Cate is using her notoriety for good, but we also love that she’s pretty awesome at drag. Also, only an icon like Cate can do drag as…herself. Bow down.

Her song choice? The Dusty Springfield cover of “You Don’t Own Me” — the one from The First Wives Club! Swoon.

How good is she?!

Lol. Yes.

Love it so much.

She later joined a few other women on stage in a “pussy hat” — remember those pink hats people, like Cate herself, were rocking at the Women’s March? — to lip-sync “Hello” by Adele. The lyrics were tweaked to address gun laws, such as, “When I call Paul Ryan, he never seems to be home.” BLOOP.

You can check out the full video of her solo performance here:

This is hardly the first time we’ve seen Cate come out in support of others in need. She is a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, started a charity called Clear for Life that helps raise money to provide safe drinking water to developing regions of Asia, is a fierce advocate and supporter of the arts, and has spoken on behalf of the Salvation Army.

We’re glad Cate is using her sense of humor to help advocate for safer gun laws. To find out more about the Newton Action Alliance, click here.