Credit: Tara Ziemba / Getty Images

Looks like someone’s family is expanding! Actress, comedian, and podcast host Casey Wilson announced news of baby #2 while recording her podcast Bitch Sesh, and we’re so happy for her!

Wilson, who is married to writer and producer David Caspe, gave birth to son Max Red Caspe back in 2015 — so, it’s nice to know that he’ll have his own younger brother or sister.

While the second trimester is usually a time of relief for pregnant women, Wilson admitted that she was still feeling a little sick. (Just, not as sick as weeks prior.)

Wilson made the announcement during the 65th episode of the show, titled “Big Buddha Brawl.”


Wilson also joked on the podcast that she just told her father, who in the past, has proven that he can’t really keep a secret. In fact, after hearing that Wilson’s first would be named Max, he spread the news to everyone he could — including Wilson’s own podcast co-host, Danielle Schneider.

Because, that’s what fathers do.

Even though Wilson is under the weather, she’s not letting it get her down. In the upcoming months, Wilson will be partaking in a small tour with Schneider for their podcast.

Fans can try to grab tickets to see the pair through Ticketfly.

We’re so happy that Casey Wilson shared the news, and we wish her the best during these next few months!