When Carrie Fisher passed away she left behind her registered therapy dog. Many of her fans and followers have wondered what happened to the French bulldog, but Carrie Fisher’s half sister gave us all an update on Twitter and the dog is doing as well as he could be!

Joely Fisher took to Twitter to let all of the beautiful dog’s fans know that he is happy and well cared for.

Before Carrie Fisher passed away, the dog had already amassed a huge following on social media. With over 120,000 followers on Instagram, and a newly created Twitter page (originally there was a fan account with almost 5,000 followers but it has been deleted) the account has become a comfort for grieving fans. The Instagram bio on the now verified account reads, “I’m the real Gary Fisher, I miss my mom more than ever and here I am to show you #garyloveshismom.”

Cue hearts breaking all over the world! It is unclear who is behind the social media accounts, but it features pictures of Gary and tributes to the late Carrie Fisher.

The fan-favorite service dog accompanied Fisher everywhere and helped the star with her bipolar disorder.

Our heart goes out to the Fisher family and we are so glad the service dog is coping without his beloved mother!