Rachel Paige
Updated Dec 27, 2016 @ 3:25 pm
Credit: NBC

We might know Carrie Fisher BEST as Princess Leia, but there’s so much more to the actress/author/all-around badass lady. Not only did she star in dozens of movies, and a bunch of books, but she also graced the small screen too, in a few notable guest roles. One of these roles happened to be on 30 Rock. As if you’re not crying enough already as it is, Tina Fey has just released a statement on Carrie, and we’re going to need like, 30 billion hours to recover.

Carrie guest starred on a Season 2 episode, titled “Rosemary’s Baby.” In the episode, Liz Lemon meets her ~heroine~ Rosemary Howard, who was a female comedy writer when Liz was a kid. Meeting her at a book singing (and a weird art-imitates-life for Carrie, who at the time was already a well-known author), Liz blurts out the great line:

Her real-life impact on Liz (and, Tina Fey) was felt through the whole series as Princess Leia was frequently used in episodes. Liz even got married in a white Princess Leia dress, because of course she did. We’d do the same.

Knowing the impact, Tina’s words mean so much. In a statement to Time, she explains:

It’s okay if the tears are flowing. The best way to easy this day is to now watch “Rosemary’s Baby,Carrie would want us to laugh right now.