Toria Sheffield
Updated December 30, 2016
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It was absolutely no secret that Carrie Fisher was one baddass lady and talent. She had mastered acting, writing, and even activism — so we don’t know why we were even surprised when we saw this super impressive video of Carrie Fisher speaking french in an interview from the ’70s (next to an extremely dapper, cigarette-smoking Harrison Ford we might add).

Something about seeing a super young Fisher modestly, yet confidently, conducting an interview on French television is making us cheer — and is honestly just kind of delightful. She was such a strong, fearless woman, and it showed even then. Also, kind of funny side note: The interviewer asked her if she thought Star Wars was going to be successful. Which, in retrospect, is kind of a hilarious question (because it’s essentially the most successful franchise of all freaking time).

Take a look at this clip.

We wish our high school French was better so we could actually understand this, guys. But according to Us Weekly, she said,

Do you hear that? Carrie Fisher was discussing the lack of strong female characters in Hollywood as far back as 1977. Did we mention that we love her dearly?!

As if we needed any more reasons to love and miss Carrie Fisher.