Alyssa Thorne
January 03, 2017 11:32 am
Mike Pont/ Getty Images

Following Carrie Fisher’s tragic and way too soon passing last week, many friends, family, co-workers, and others who held Carrie Fisher dear have been sharing their thoughts on her passing.

One thing has become abundantly clear: Those of us (read: All of us) who have admired her for most of our lives were completely right to do so. We’ve yet to read a bad word about her, and we hope that she’d have a sarcastic clapback for the outpouring of love toward her. But, we also hope that she’d be at least quietly pleased at how truly beloved she was.

Sharon Horgan, who worked with Carrie on her show Catastrophe (if you haven’t seen it, DO IT), wrote a letter in the Guardian that really resonated with our personal feelings, and gave us the sort of insight into Carrie’s person that we’ve loved reading about recently.

One of the things Sharon reminded us most of is that we owe SO much to Carrie Fisher as an advocate for women in an industry that generally doesn’t really respect us that much.

Sharon eloquently expressed the gratitude we all should have for the work Carrie Fisher did, even when it hurt her personally, on behalf of all women.

The rest of Sharon’s letter is very personal and moving and treats us to a wonderful look into what it was like to be friends with one of the greatest women of our time (HONESTLY), and her parting words are ones we’ll continue to associate with Carrie Fisher.

BRB, here we are crying again. Sharon’s words are heard loud and clear, and we’re never going to forget all Carrie stood for, and stood up to. A true legend, indeed.