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Since it’s still such a huge franchise, we love it when gossip surrounding the original Star Wars trilogy emerges. That’s why, when Carrie Fisher mentioned she was “involved” with Harrison Ford, we knew it was kind of a big deal. Now, there was a ton of red flags regarding the relationship that they had (for one, Ford was married) but since Fisher seemed to shrug off the affair, we found it to be weirdly charming.

Of course, their pairing makes fans pretty happy, but this must have been kind of a bombshell revelation for first wife Mary Marquardt. The first Star Wars came out in 1977, and the two divorced in 1979, after having two sons together.

While Fisher finds it to water under the bridge, it’s been a question as to how Ford is dealing with being outed.

Fisher noted in her most recent book, The Princess Diarist, that her and Ford had slept together and had relations with each other for around three months. Fisher, then 19-years-old, had a 15 year age gap with Ford, but obviously their on-screen chemistry wasn’t just on-screen.

But, it’s good to find out that Ford wasn’t blindsided when his name suddenly became a trending topic. Fisher admits that she gave Ford a heads up that their rendezvous would no longer be a secret right before her book hit the shelves.

According to Fisher’s People interview, Ford jokingly called out “Lawyer!” when he heard, but has pretty much stayed silent since. According to Fisher, Ford is a pretty private guy, so this response is totally in character.

But as for Fisher, she seems to have no regrets.

We’ll definitely be rewatching these films a little bit closer next time, now that we know what happened behind the scenes.