Rachel Paige
December 28, 2016 10:25 am
Lou Rocco/Getty Images

As the world continues to process the loss of Carrie Fisher, our hearts break over and over again, and we’ve got so many questions about her life and her too-soon death. While many of these questions are going to have to wait for another day, one is very pressing and needs to be addressed right now: Who is going to take care of her dog Gary Fisher?

If you’ve been following Carrie over these last few years, you know that she’s always got someone by her side — her beloved French bulldog, Gary. Gary is a star in his own right, since he has been to more Star Wars premiers than most humans on the planet ever will. Carrie and Gary were basically inseparable, and the two traveled everywhere together. Gary was on the plane with Carrie when she had her heart attack, and he went with her to the hospital, too.

Now, we have to ask who’s going to take care of Gary now that Carrie is gone (and this is a real situation many have to deal with when a loved one dies, and a pet is left behind).

According to TMZ, Gary isn’t going to go far, or even leave the Fisher family. He’ll be adopted by Carrie’s daughter Billie Lourd. TMZ spoke to a source close with the Fisher family who explained,

Billie already has a French bulldog herself, Tina, and — don’t worry — Tina and Gary are good friends.

We’re so happy to hear that Billie is going to take Gary in, especially considering it’s what Carrie would have wanted. We’re wishing them all the best right now.