Briana Hansen
November 29, 2016 12:04 pm
20th Century Fox

Since the release of her book, The Princess Diarist, Carrie Fisher has been revealing all sorts of fascinating details about her early years as Princess Leia.

The most shocking tidbit in her book is, of course, Carrie Fisher’s affair with Star Wars costar Harrison Ford.

Since so much has been speculated about the (actual) romance between Han and Leia, Carrie has been more open to dishing all sorts of details. To her credit, she waited forty years before ever saying anything ~and~ gave Harrison Ford a heads up that the information would be in her book before publishing it.

While visiting Ellen, she shared even more about what went down.

Carrie joked that she was pretty great about keeping the relationship a secret for so long.

She was so great at keeping what was going on a secret, nobody around them had any inkling of the affair.

Ellen asked Carrie if she thought the feelings between her and Harrison were merely physical or if there was more going on.

With Carrie being so open and candid about their relationship, Ellen asked the questions we were all wondering. She asked if the affair continued after the first film since the two were still intertwined in the rest of the series.

Carrie also talked about other elements of being hired on the original Star Wars.

She even said that her iconic Leia hairstyle was a result of her “baby fat.”

It’s awesome to hear Carrie be so open about all these entertaining details of her Star Wars past. And we can’t wait for even more!