Brittany Boyd
October 15, 2017 2:51 pm

Rapper Cardi B has been KILLING it since her debut on Love & Hip-Hop. She supports every type of woman, and we admire her down-to-earth attitude. Most recently, her success led to her being the first female rapper to take the #1 spot on the Billboard charts with her single, “Bodak Yellow.” She even received flowers from Taylor Swift, who she squeezed out of the number one spot. Success aside, she’s been the target of Internet trolls, but if one thing’s for certain, she knows how to handle herself.

Now, Cardi B has proven herself the queen of clap backs when her fashion sense was questioned on Twitter.

Whether it was meant to be an insult or a joke is unclear, but the rap artist has no shame in her fashion game. From a vintage beaded black vintage couture gown to Louis Vuitton booties, Cardi B’s fashion finds are worth envying. And as we all know, Edna Mode from The Incredibles is equally fabulous.

Cardi B had the perfect response to the tweet.

There’s no denying that Edna Mode is the sassiest, too. Remember: If you’re ever designing super hero outfits, no capes!

With success in her grasp and a fierce take-no-sh*t attitude, we can’t wait to see what Cardi B will accomplish. Here’s hoping it’s an Edna Mode-inspired fashion line.