Cardi B met Beyoncé, and her reaction is all of us

It’s really easy to forget that Beyoncé is only human when she’s, like, all around the perfect human being. So it’s nice to get the occasional reminder of that, and we got one this weekend! Beyoncé loves Cardi B just like everybody else, and while the “Bodak Yellow” singer was performing in Philadelphia at the Made in America festival, Bey made time to meet the young artist. (BRB, dying of jealousy.)

And of course, Cardi B, upon meeting Beyoncé, was literally all of us.

As Cardi put it in her Instagram caption,

"BITCH I met Beyoncé Bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!"

Seriously, we would’ve written this caption ourselves if we’d been lucky enough to encounter the Queen in the flesh.

Let’s also take a moment to talk about how ridiculously good Beyoncé looks after having twins only two months ago.

*Insert heart-eyes emoji*

Beyoncé’s mom also took the time to meet Cardi and give her a squeeze, because Ms. Tina Lawson is a dream mom.

This also bodes well for Cardi B’s career — not that she really needs it, since she basically manufactured her own fame (can we take a business class from Cardi B please?). But let’s talk about the last up-and-coming artist Beyoncé took a pic with…

So clearly there are good things coming down the pipeline for Cardi B now that she’s been touched by an angel. One of our favorite things ever, always, though, is women we love loving each other, so we hope to see a lot more happening with Cardi B and Queen Bey.

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