Credit: Paramount Television/CBS

It’s no secret that there tends to be a bit of a divide between fans of Star Wars and Star Trek. Though you can easily be fans of both franchises, it seems everyone has an opinion on which is “better.”

Well, that argument goes all the way to the top, we learned, when Captain Kirk and Chewbacca lovingly sparred on Twitter.

The trouble began when William Shatner mocked on Twitter the 38-year-anniversary of the laughably bad Star Wars Holiday Special.

In his post, William Shatner mocked The Star Wars Holiday Special poor plot, and tagged stars Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Peter Mayhew (who plays Chewie) in a post.

Peter Mayhew immediately responded. He expressed similar dissatisfaction with Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. This film was directed by William Shatner.

Of course, William Shatner cannot be too offended. He, himself, has admitted that the film is one of the weaker “Star Trek” movie outings. Shatner once said of the film:

We’re certain these two sci-fi heroes are gently ribbing one another. And that’s a real sign of friendship, the ability to laugh (lovingly) with one another, about one another.