Rachel Charlene Lewis
August 03, 2016 4:12 pm
Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Loyal followers and those of us who browse on occasion to steal style tips alike have noticed one change on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram: you can’t comment on it anymore. What used to be loads and loads of compliments, insults, and self-promo has gone silent. But how?

Giphy / NBC

Insta allowed some users to close comments.

With the addition of new features like stories and longer videos, Instagram continues to switch things up in an attempt to gain an even stronger user base than it has right now. One recently-released feature allows users to filter comments and even block all comments completely, resulting in a much quieter way to use the app.

Of course, Kylie gained exclusive access.

Kylie was one of the first to gain access to the new feature, and she reacted by shutting it down ASAP. She explained her decision on Twitter, saying she was over everyone turning her account into a mess of self-promo.

We get the desire for a silent post.

While it may seem silly to some for Kylie to silence her followers, we can only *imagine* how many comment she gets a day, and some of them are way cruel and uncalled for. The super popular icon is one who gets people talking, and that unfortunately results in a whole ‘lotta hate. We don’t blame her for wanting an escape every once in a while.

Even if it really does just come down to Kylie wanting her Instagram to be her hub of self-promotion, we’re in support. After all, it *is* her Insta, and only she controls her ~domain~.

Giphy / Kylie Jenner