Time to brush up your “seeking roommate” Craigslist posting, because the rental of your dreams just opened up. Think ocean views, a hot tub, and a landlord who’s so charming, you’ll live for the surprise house call. Say goodbye to your studio apartment with the Ikea wall dividers and the trick toilet. You can now live in Leonardo DiCaprio’s Malibu beach house!

But this ain’t Airbnb, friends. These digs are going to cost you. The Oscar-winning actor-turned-climate- change-activist is asking $50,000 a month for access to his beach-front bachelor pad, located on a stretch of sand dubbed “Billionaire’s Beach” by locals.

The three-bedroom, two bathroom Carbon Beach cottage’s amenities include a fireplace in the living room, an outside deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and a hot tub fit for the King of the World — and his next door neighbors, including media mogul David Geffen and renowned film director Rob Reiner.

DiCaprio purchased the 1,765 square foot property back in 1998 following the massive success of Titanic. The Hollywood A-lister had hoped to sell the space for just under $11 million in September of last year, only to lower the price by $1 million a few months later. By March, he’d taken the home off the market all together.

But don’t worry about Leo. For this budding real estate mogul, this Malibu dream house is just one of several properties in his impressive portfolio. DiCaprio also owns at least three homes in Southern California, and three more apartments in New York City.

Leo your landlord? That’s a dream we’ll never let go of!