Dasha Fayvinova
March 11, 2017 12:07 pm

In addition to being on one of the most beloved television shows ever, Camilla Luddington is having a baby girl! The Grey’s Anatomy actress and her boyfriend Matthew Alan are expecting their first child in April. Recently, Camilla Luddington shared her surprising birth plan, and we totally get it.

Camilla freely admits that she has all the same fears every new mom faces. Because even though she can be seen on your television screens, she still can’t escape morning sickness. Luckily, Camilla isn’t shy about sharing.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images for Fashion Media

In an interview with Momtastic, Camilla shared that she won’t be taking her time to get to the hospital when her contractions come. She said:

Camilla doesn’t do well with pain.

She said she will not be one to forgo an epidural. Camilla said:

This is exactly what makes Camilla so awesome. Her honestly about her birth plan is great. Not only is she a working mother, she is also a human who is scared of pain. We are right there with you, Camilla!

Luckily, her boss is one badass lady who gets it.

Shonda Rhimes was fully in support of Camilla’s pregnancy and offered any help that she needed. Camilla said that she told her boss that she was pregnant early, because she was worried that Shonda might mistake her morning sickness for a hangover!

And Shonda was completely happy for her. Camilla said:

Congratulations to Camilla and Matthew! We can’t wait to see photos of your baby girl.