Karen Belz
January 03, 2017 8:32 am
TriStar Pictures

If you still feel the need to yell out “Show me the money” on occasion, listen up — you’ll love this story. Director Cameron Crowe opened up about the character Jerry Maguire and put a few rumors to rest. When the movie came out back in 1996 (yes — 20 years ago, if you want to feel incredibly old) it seems like a lot of people figured that the main character, played amazingly by Tom Cruise, was based on them.

Crowe talked to Deadline to set the record straight. Describing the first draft of the film as a “basic, long, vomit draft,” he admitted that it lacked a bit of substance at first. But of course, with time, it shaped into a movie that all of us have enjoyed. (Also, it brought us Renee Zellweger. Don’t forget about that.)

First off, Jerry himself was pretty much a mash-up of many different people.

Crowe also made sure to talk to a bunch of sports agents to make sure that Jerry’s downfall would, indeed, be a disastrous one.

While Cruise totally nailed the role, it was originally written for…Tom Hanks. Crowe admitted that he and his team wrote the film with Hanks in mind. And while Hanks loved the script, and seemed to be really into the role, he managed to pass on the film in the most positive way ever. In fact, Crowe wasn’t even truly sure that Hanks was saying no until it sunk in for awhile.

Fortunately, Crowe also got really strong vibes from Tom Cruise, who — as we all know — happily accepted the role.

He also described Cruise as being incredibly personable, which many other sources have attested to in the past. And even better, he wasn’t extremely nitpicky about his part.

In fact, Cruise only had one correction regarding the script throughout filming, which Crowe admitted was completely on target. It had to do with a scene that helped define the relationship between Maguire and his client, Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Jr.

Knowing what we know now, we’re totally ready to rewatch this movie with fresh eyes. And the good news is, we totally can — a remastered version of the film will be released soon by Sony/TriStar, just in time for its anniversary.