Yesterday, the internet went into overdrive when the news broke that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had broken up. Up until 30 minutes ago, all we knew is that “sources” that were “close” to the couple claimed they had split and like most gossip, who even knows what is actually true.

But today, both Calvin and Taylor broke their silence and seemed to confirm in a mature manner, that their relationship had indeed come to an end. false

And just in case you’re not sure that this is about Taylor, the Queen of 1989 herself, retweeted it, which in this digital world, is basically like signing something in ink. That being said, can we talk about how mature and respectful they BOTH are being in this situation. Seems pretty amicable.

So far Taylor has not spoken out herself about the breakup, and why should she have to if she doesnt want to? True fans would probably wait to hear about it on the album.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate the fact that these two gave so many of us so much #CoupleGoals for as long as they were an item (15 months, but who’s counting).