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It can be tough to find kind words to say after a very public breakup with an ex. Luckily, Calvin Harris sang Taylor Swift’s praises for their collaboration, “This Is What You Came For,” which was released this spring. Did these two reconcile? We hope so, since dating or not, they work quite well together!

The reason why this is so surprising is due to the fact that Harris… well, he wasn’t always quite as nice. After Swift left the DJ (who is also known off-stage as Adam Wiles) after more than a year of happy couplehood, for a brief romance with actor Tom Hiddleston, things got a bit complicated.

To briefly summarize, “This Is What You Came For” was written under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg, who was later identified as being… Taylor Swift herself. Harris had confirmed through Twitter, and even paid her a few compliments on the tune. But, as it seems, Swift was already doing damage control over some things Harris said prior to the truth coming out.

So, of course a tabloid-worthy public feud happened, and things seemed to escalate from there. But hey — they happen sometimes. Especially with ex-boyfriends.


But Harris just admitted that he was blessed to have worked with her in the first place. He could have cut her name out of the tweet all together, but chose to take the high road.

The important part of all of this is that it seems like things are back on an upswing. And while there’s so much about the Swift/Harris relationship that we don’t know (and shouldn’t know, really) it’s nice that the two may be on the way to re-establishing the friendship they had during their 15 months of dating.

(I mean, you don’t build a snowman with someone you don’t have any kind of connection with.)

Just in case you want to hear it again, here’s the official video for the song in question.

It’s on its way to 900 million views, which is simply bonkers. But, obviously Harris, Swift, and Rihanna know what goes into making a solid hit!