It’s a bummer when your pilot doesn’t get picked up. While we were looking forward to a new series starring Casey Wilson and Busy Philipps, NBC decided not to move forward with it. Even though fans were devastated, Philipps had a great way to calm people down and show that life definitely goes on (or, does it?)

The show was going to be called Sackett Sisters. Philipps had a good idea that the show wouldn’t see the light of day at this year’s upfronts, where networks announce their lineups for the year. Even though the outlook was a bit grim, that didn’t stop Philipps from campaigning on Instagram to let NBC give the show another shot.

While fans tweeted to NBC that they #mustseesackett, NBC didn’t change their minds.

This type of rejection isn’t new for Philipps. After all, she starred on one of the most popular, cancelled-too-soon shows ever — Freaks and Geeks.

But today, she came to terms with the fact that Sackett Sisters was no more.

Well, that’s definitely one way to think of it.

Honestly, we’re happy that Philipps has a sense of humor about everything. Even though we would have loved to see the show, which was also set to star Bradley Whitford, we know that both Philipps and Wilson are super talented ladies that’ll land something else pretty soon.