Karen Belz
Updated Dec 30, 2016 @ 6:23 pm
Credit: Kelly Lee Barrett / Getty Images

Not only does he look good in front of a camera, but he makes sure he looks stylish behind the camera as well! It was revealed that photographer and model Brooklyn Beckham wears the same ring as his Dad, soccer player David Beckham. While it’s a stunning ring, the fact that they both make a point to wear it is worth even more. (Aww.)

According to People, the two were first spotted with the ring during a family trip to the Maldives. The ring itself has been identified as a piece from the jewelry company Hoorsenbuhs. The company offers versions of the ring in a variety of different types of gold and silver.

On average, the ring goes for $2,500 if you want to — y’know — splurge hardcore and pretend you’re in the Beckham family. Certain models are even a bit pricier.

Of course, they also have basic versions of the design for much less, if you just love the look. And, we definitely love the look.

Just yesterday, Brooklyn posted this incredible photo of the ring to his Instagram page.

They even seem to be wearing the ring, which looks to be a Tri-Link with diamonds, on the same finger. Is that a bond, or what?

With jewelry like that, Brooklyn is all ready to debut his new photography book, which is scheduled to be released this upcoming May. Called What I See, the book will be his debut — and we’re truly excited to see what gorgeous snaps he’s included.