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Britney Spears (aka Queen of pop music) never ceases to amaze us! Not only can she act, sing, and dance (among other things) but the girl knows how to stay in amazing shape and isn’t afraid to show it.

And to prove it, she took to Instagram yesterday to document herself doing the splits IN MIDAIR! Like, are you kidding?!

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It’s clear she works hard on herself and we think it’s great. Quite the fitness buff, she’s also posted about her love of anything else that keeps her active. Between her two young boys, latest album, Glory, and tireless Las Vegas stint, Britney: Pieces of Me, staying fit is part of her repertoire and it’s giving us major goals.

And though she recently revealed her desire to collaborate with ex, Justin Timberlake (who said he’s totally down), Steven Tyler, and Gwen Stefani, she seems to be doing just fine in the meantime.

Just look at her insane gymnast-like moves!

We do, too, Brit! Thank you for giving us all the hit songs, all the fantastic dance routines we’ve memorized in our rooms, and all the positive body image goals!