Anna Gragert
July 14, 2016 1:45 pm
Marco PiracciniArchivio Marco PiracciniMondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

If you’re having a rough day and want to cheer yourself up, all you need to do is take a look at Britney Spears’ Instagram. On this platform, she posts silly selfies, embraces her beautiful body like no tomorrow, and also shares her son’s amazing drawings with us all. Thankfully, Britney doesn’t only share her son’s artwork – she also shares the most adorable selfies with her kids, ones that make our eyes turn to hearts. 😍

The perfect example, which was posted to Spears’ Instagram yesterday:

Who wants to go to Texas? ☺️wrote Britney, making us realize that both herself and her son are wearing cowboy hats (because there’s no such thing as too much cuteness, right?). Now, we’re hoping that this is the first Spears’ family photo of many more to come. What we’re saying is that we’d like Britney to bring us along, via Instagram, on all of her Texas adventures with her 9-year-old son Jayden and 10-year-old son Sean.

After all, they’re pretty much a blonde version of The Three Musketeers:

We can’t even imagine how awesome it must be having Britney Spears as a mom. She can sing, dance, Instagram like a champ, and raise two adorable boys – is there anything Britney can’t do?