Anna Gragert
June 02, 2016 9:31 am
Britney Spears /

Britney Spears’ Instagram is, hands down, one of our favorite things. It’s where she shares selfies that are the definition of self-love, posts pics of affordable bathing suits, and documents all the memories she’s making with her adorable family. Though we typically love all these posts equally, a recent upload has stolen our hearts. It features an anime drawing of Britney, which was created by none other than her son.

While I was in the office today going through weekly to-do lists, I found this,” wrote Britney, captioning the endearing illustration. “My son is really into Japanese anime and creates these elaborate characters. He managed to figure out a way to turn me into one of his characters!

We love so much about this work of art. For one, it’s really good. It also shows just how much Britney’s son loves his mom, especially since he put a lot of work into his production and even focused on little details like the cut of his mom’s hair and the design on her shirt. Clearly, the feeling is mutual because Britney saved the drawing and shared it with the 10.7 million people who follow her on Instagram.

The popstar added, “He knows I like my face to be covered, so he gracefully covered one side of my face with my hair. I am a very proud mom. My son is a true artist!!” It’s official. Britney and her sons are the very best version of The Three Musketeers. Additional proof:

Britney Spears is #MomGoals all the way.