jessica tholmer
October 21, 2017 7:38 am
Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

In case you don’t follow Britney Spears on Instagram, you may not know about her fashion shows. So let us fill you in: The pop singer regularly posts little at-home fashion shows, showing off various ~lewks~ and dramatic poses, all set to a carefully-selected soundtrack. They’re the best.

This time, Spears recreated her famous schoolgirl look from her “…Baby One More Time” music video. When Spears talks about her fashion shows, it is truly inspirational and makes us want to do our own. We’ve been totally obsessed with her home fashion shows for a while, but we were extra excited to see her #throwitback in her latest vid.

How were we supposed to know? (Get it?)

Spears is honestly the most adorable person on Instagram. Most of us can relate to trying on our clothes and having mini at-home fashion shows of our own. Whether it’s to sort through your closet and make a donation pile, or just to find something to wear out that night, we’ve all been there.

But Spears takes it to the next level.

In her most recent Instagram video, she starts out in a gorgeous white dress before spinning into a super sexy bralette/shorts/cowboy hat get-up that only Spears could pull off. And then, she pulls out the main feature.

Spears looks incredible in her schoolgirl skirt, tall black boots, and white blouse tied up in an oh-so-90s way. Though this whole fashion show is set to Beyoncé’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” who can watch this without singing the lyrics to “…Baby One More Time”?

Bless Brit for giving us this. Now, BRB while we go try on our shortest skirt and listen to some B.Spears.