We’ve all been aware that since Britney Spears began her “Pieces of Me” show in Las Vegas back in 2013, she’s been in killer shape. It’s probably pretty hard not to be in killer shape when you dance as much as Spears does during her shows. But she also seems to work out pretty hard in general, and her latest Instagram photo proves that hard work pays off big time.

We’ve always known that Spears is one heck of a strong lady, but she appears to be stronger than yesterday (yep, had to).

While getting her exercise on in a gym today, she did some crazy upside down stretchy move that shows off her insane body strength. “Good morning! May you all have a blessed day 😊,” Spears captioned the photo.

Spears clearly has to keep up with her fitness to be able to perform night after night without, you know, dying from all the intense cardio (like we totally would). I mean, how does this woman not hibernate for most of the year?

Watch her work, b**ch:

Here she is killing it on the dance floor while performing her new song “Slumber Party” during her “Pieces of Me” show:

Oh, and then there’s all the choreography she has to learn and perform for her music videos and other performances.

Lady kills it every night, and it’s a complete delight to see both her inner and outer strength shine through.