Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 02, 2017 @ 9:31 am
Credit: C Flanigan/Getty Images

There are some performers who can do no wrong and are always the consummate professional. Why do we bring this up? Well, funny you should ask…

Soooooo we just heard from People that Britney Spears suffered a nipple-flashing wardrobe malfunction during her show in Las Vegas.

And yes, you read that correctly: a nipple-flashing malfunction. She was wearing a bodysuit and performing “Work B**ch, which is a high-energy dance number, when her nipple suddenly revealed itself without warning! Obviously…more cleavage than she was intending.

A backup dancer slyly tapped Britney to alert her of the situation, and she took it like a total pro, quickly and casually put everything back in place. While performing the song. TBH she didn’t look phased in the slightest, take a look!

Woopsy! Bad bodysuit.

via giphyThis reminds us of Spears’ last wardrobe malfunction which also happened on stage in Vegas. She took that in her stride, so it’s no wonder that she was cool and collected when it happened this time around. Talk about professional, and a “show must go on” mentality.

Apart from their tendency to misbehave, we love the actual bodysuits that Spears wears on stage. She always looks so comfortable and confident in these skin-tight, barely there outfits, and that’s totally inspiring!

Basically, Spears is the definition of a badass mom who gives it her all, 100% of the time, no matter what.

Hopefully her wardrobe malfunctions are behind her, but if there’s another one in the future, we know that she’s got the tools to handle it the right way.

And we’re totally stealing a page out of her book…when something unexpected happens, it’s cool. It happens. We got this.