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Brie Larson has become one of our heroes of the election season 2016. She’s been an outspoken feminist and supporter of awesome ladies everywhere. Last week, Brie Larson had an early voting adventure that made us love her even more. And since she stars as the new Captain Marvel, she spoke out about how important it is to have female superheroes. Plus, she totally shut down internet trolls with a single phrase. She’s the smart, delightfully fun ray of sunshine that we could all use in our lives, and now, she’s using Fall Back Friday to deliver a super empowering message.

Brie Larson posted the sweetest #FBF photo of herself with a VERY important message.

Just look at that insanely excited smile on tiny Brie Larson’s face. Seeing that totally just made our Friday.

But it’s her message that we are even more excited about. Brie reminds all of us how important this election is. Because for the first time, little girls might be able to look at the president and see someone like them. So many of us grew up thinking the presidency was just out of our reach, because there had never been a woman in the highest office in the land. Brie would clearly love to see that changed, and so would we!

Brie just wants us all to make the right choice on Election Day.

Yeah, we know what you mean Brie. #WithHer