Gabriela Herstik
Updated Aug 11, 2017 @ 4:35 pm

Understanding what another person is feeling in any given situation can be a blessing, but at times, it can also be a curse, especially for those who feel very deeply already. This is especially true for actors, who have to dive into the realm of human emotion day after day. Our girl, Brie Larson, knows this best, which is why she’s sharing some advice for all the empathetic people-pleasers out there.

At an event for her latest film, The Glass Castle, Brie shared some insight into what it means to be empathetic while still maintaining boundaries for the sake of your own mental health.

Brie goes on to say that, for a long time, she was worried about what people think, and that she’s learning how to deal with that. She says that she’s a gooey person and wants to stay gooey, and that cutting herself off from these emotions would stop her from being herself (aka the sensitive, curious, empathetic person she is).

So for everyone else who’s wearing their heart on their sleeves, remember that you don’t have to please everyone. Keeping your heart open is so important, but so is your own wellbeing.

Use Brie as an example of being gooey while still setting boundaries. It may feel weird at first, but it’s totally possible — just take it from her.