Actress Brie Larson in a black dress on the red carpet for the premiere of "Free Fire"
Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Brie Larson really knows how to stand up for what she believes in. And we really appreciate that she uses her platform for good. Now, Brie Larson is using her platform to speak out against littering.

Recently on Instagram, Brie posted a picture of piles of trash, alongside an inspiring rant about the importance of not littering.

There are quite a few things we love in that caption.

First of all, imagine trying to hang out on the beach in California and being distracted by the amount of garbage surrounding you. We love that Brie not only helped clean up, but put it in terms we can all understand. It is our beach, our Earth, and we should love it like it loves us.

Beyond just that, however, Brie made a plea to protect the Earth even further.

We love that. Like it or not, celebrities do have a certain amount of political influence and we appreciate Brie’s acknowledgment and encouragement. Her promises are to drive an electric car, compost, recycle, choose organic and local produce, and avoid plastic bottles. The comments were full of great suggestions if you can’t think of your own! From riding bicycles more often to going vegan, there are a lot of great ways we can save the planet.

Here’s how you can help the planet in your daily life.

You can carpool whenever possible, donate your clothes to a shelter, stop littering, use your own bags when grocery shopping, turn off the lights when they are not necessary, eat less meat, compost, recycle, and definitely vote, vote, vote. Your planet needs you.

Brie then posted again, thanking everyone for joining in the conversation.

Thanks for the inspiration, Brie!